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I started taking pictures as a kid, just capturing the stuff around me with a small point and shoot camera. On the recommendation of a friend, I took a formal photography class and found a whole new world! Exploring the world of light has changed the way I view everything. I've been capturing the beauty and detail of that world ever since.


After a 10 year Naval career, I settled down in the Central Ohio area, but I'm available to travel the world. With a degree in Photography and over a decade of experience, I would love to capture the details of your wedding.


weddings ... what I do, what I love! 

I'm more than just a photographer on your wedding day. I'm there to be your right hand, ensuring your day goes smoothly, letting you experience your amazing day in the most amazing way.

my style

Photography is one of the best ways that we can encapsulate our daily moments...priceless images passed on from person to person, family to family, generation to generation.


With a photographer's touch; light, lens, and camera, all come together to capture an instance in time. These images are more vivid than a faded memory and they are more descriptive than a heartfelt note. Photographers are the scribes that preserve these incredible and important moments of life, perfectly...forever.

It's sounds a little stuffy when you see it writen, but it boils down to this:

My photo style is a mix of candid, artistic and traditional photography with a lot of added fun!


I'm known for capturing amazing images, making your day the best day one ever and if the DJ is killing, sweet dance moves! In fact, after a recent wedding, I was told that I was the coolest photographer ever!


That's me in a nutshell.

Feel free to read Reviews from a few the 100's of couples that have trusted me capture their wedding day too.

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